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An Open Letter to President Trump

From A Concerned Citizen of the United Kingdom

Dear Mr Trump,

I write this letter on the eve of your upcoming state visit to the United Kingdom. I’m an ordinary citizen, but one who has grave concerns that we are once again rolling out the red carpet for a man whose core personal values stand firmly against those of not only our nation, but those of the very office he upholds. Mrs May’s attempt to curry favour with you by extending this invitation was shameless and desperate, and not at all echoing the will of the British people.

Your transgressions are numerous, your policies and ideologies prejudiced and abhorrent. Whether it’s your anti-LGBT stance, your extreme views on gun control, or your misogynistic attitudes towards women, such as when you claimed in an interview that you could have ‘nailed’ Princess Diana. Don’t be too surprised to not get a warm reception from Princes William or Harry after that.

You utter falsehoods with practically every breath and tweet. One such example being your claim that the US is among ‘the cleanest climates in the world right now’, ignoring research which shows the exact opposite. You claim to act in the interests of the American people, yet you have repeatedly used the power of your office to further your own personal and business interests. Your words and actions continually demonstrate that you are completely unfit to be President of The United States.

The United States has always been one of the United Kingdom’s strongest allies. We boast of a “special relationship” between our nations. At a press conference in 2018 you claim the relationship between us was ‘indispensable’, and that we must continue to be bound together, united in the defense of the values we share. The fact that some of our most senior politicians have refused to attend a State Banquet during your state visit should make one thing abundantly clear. We do not share your values.

In your visit to the UK in 2018, the British people protested by the tens of thousands, flying a twenty-foot high “Trump Baby” blimp through London, which you admit made you feel unwelcome. If I were you, I would expect much the same this time around. Be under no allusion Mr Trump. You are still not welcome in Britain.


A Concerned Citizen

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Trying to make the world a better place, one word at a time.

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