Couldn’t agree with you more Brian. Why should she be any less forceful with her language? As you say, it’s the lack of passion on the issue of climate change that has led us to where we are today!

Dennis, should she have stood up in front of the UN and been the timid little girl they all want her to be? Should she ask them kindly to 'Pretty please save our planet?’

That she has the courage to tell world leaders that they have stolen her childhood, that she can look them in the eye and say 'How dare you?’ has the world talking about the issue of climate change. Or should I say, it has the world talking about the lack of action being taken to combat climate change?

I don’t agree with your premise that her words are inciting hatred or violence, that if you’re not fully behind Greta then you must be evil. And while I’m not religious, I’m sure many would take issue with the notion that a 16-year-old Swedish girl is being compared to Jesus Christ.

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