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Trying to make the world a better place, one word at a time.


  • Kate Tebailey

    Kate Tebailey

    Positive thinker. Happiness seeker. Wife. Mother. Perpetually curious.

  • 懒猫


  • John Yuag

    John Yuag

    I am documenting my entrepreneurial journey. I write things that I learn in my journey like personal development, personal finance, and investing.

  • Brian Azevedo

    Brian Azevedo

    Credentialed bozo.

  • Cornelius M. Braun

    Cornelius M. Braun

    Photographer with an interest in people, culture, design & technology based in Hamburg/Germany.

  • Allen Abolodje

    Allen Abolodje

    I'm a strategist who thinks technically to solve difficult task

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